Words of the President

PROF_CERNAK_2The South-East European Ophthalmological Society (SEEOS) was founded in 2004, as an international regional association to collect the ophthalmologists from South-East European countries. Now, 18 countries – Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine – belong to this Society.

Every year one of the member states organizes the Congress of SEEOS. After 12 successful congresses in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (2004), Sofia, Bulgaria (2005), Thessaloniki, Greece (2006), Novi Sad, Serbia (2007), Dubrovnik, Croatia (2008), Budapest, Hungary (2009), Tirana, Albania (2010), Istanbul, Turkey (2011), Portoroz, Slovenia (2012), Ohrid, Macedonia (2013), Bucharest, Romania (2014), Budva, Montenegro (2015), this year (2016) is a very special year for me for two reasons:

Firstly as the President of the Congress of SEEOS, I would like to welcome you in Bratislava, Slovakia and share with you all the latest updates regarding Ophthalmology.

Secondly after many efforts, I would like to announce you the issue of the on-line South-East European Journal of Ophthalmology.

Prof. MUDr. Andrej Černák, DrSc

Current issue

November 2015 | Volume 1 Number 1

Original articles

Anterior lamellar keratoplasty using gamma-irradiated corneal graft. An innovative approach regarding ALK

Andrej Černák, M.D., DrSc., Konstantinos Kakoulidis M.D., PhD, Martin Černák M.D., PhD

Comparison of diffractive-refractive multifocal and accommodating intraocular lenses

Gábor Tóth, MD, Kinga Kránitz, MD, Andrea Szigeti, MD, Gábor L. Sándor, MD, Éva Juhász, MD, Huba J. Kiss, MD, Zoltán Z. Nagy, MD, PhD, DSc

Evaluation of corneal changes in chemical burns with anterior segment optical coherence tomography

Magdalena Antova Velevska, Hristijan Duma, Natasha Trpevska

Case reports

„Teddy bear” synthetic fibre granuloma of the conjunctiva. Case study

Hajnalka Horváth, Erika Maka, Jeannette Tóth, János Németh, Zsolt Zoltán Nagy, Tamás Filkorn

Symptoms caused by parasellar meningioma

Anita Pék, Norbert Pesztenlehrer, Sándor Czirják, Zsolt Zoltán Nagy, János Németh, Krisztina Knézy

Transitory consecutive esotropia after amitriptyline treatment for nocturnal enuresis. – Case report

Daniela Eleonora Cioplean, Raluca-Lacramioara Camburu