Words of the President

Dear friends, dear colleagues,


It gives me an immense pleasure and honor, on behalf of myself as a founder and the first and present president of the South-East European Ophthalmologic Society (SEEOS), to give a warm welcome to all guests and participants of the 14th South East European Congress of Ophthalmology (SEECO) 2017.

Some of you would remember that at the 1st SEECO in Sarajevo in 2004, I said that the Foundation Group promised to develop exciting programs for the next congresses of our Society, which would be held every year in other country. So we have the congresses in Sarajevo, Sophia, Thessalonica, Novi Sad, Dubrovnik, Budapest, Tirana, Istanbul, Portoroz, Ohrid, Bucharest, Budva, Bratislava and, again, in Sarajevo. I believe that, when you look at the lists of topics and speakers at our congresses, you will agree that we have succeeded in doing so.

Let me say a few words on our Society. The SEEOS has been attended by representatives from 14 countries of South-East Europe in 2004. Now, it contains 18 members with population of about 250 million (half of United Europe!) and 35 thousand ophthalmologists. We established our Society, its statute and have edited our journal. I am confident that knowledge and experience between ophthalmologists of these countries has been of a great benefit to all our patients. I am sure our congresses have become the most important international gatherings in South-East Europe.

Some of the first presidents of the Society were the society’s founders, and during their time at office, the society has expanded and improved and now it is moving into a more established and mature stage.

And don’t forget, while you’ll be in Sarajevo, to sample to feast for the senses that is Sarajevo – a lovely city, rich in art, architecture and music, and delicious cuisine. It is a special city because over the centuries various civilizations and cultures have left their mark in Sarajevo and the architecture and history testify to how this city’s cosmopolitan tradition serves as a museum of the entire world.

I wish this Congress success, which would be feasible only with your participation and support. I do hope that in this meeting we will have a really good, forward looking meeting, full for intellectual challenges and informative exchanges.

Dear colleagues, in the interest of science and in the name of friendship, I bid you welcome.
President of the South East European Society of Ophthalmology
Academician Mustafa Sefić, MD, PhD, Prof.

Current issue

November 2015 | Volume 1 Number 1

Original articles

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Teuta Haveri, M.D., Sulejman Zhugli, M.D., Prof, Mimoza Meco, M.D., Eliziana Petrela M.D.

Beneficial effect of anti-VEGF treatment in various rare retinal diseases

Ivan Georgiev Georgiev, Petja Ivanova Vassileva

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Evaluation of corneal changes in chemical burns with anterior segment optical coherence tomography

Magdalena Antova Velevska, Hristijan Duma, Natasha Trpevska

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Daniela Eleonora Cioplean, Raluca-Lacramioara Camburu

Review articles

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