Dear Colleagues,

Welcome you in the new homepage of the South-East European Journal of Ophthalmology.

It is a new and large step forward in our relatively old Society to start to publish its journal on-line, the SEEJO = South-East European Journal of Ophthalmology. It is of my utmost pleasure to invite you to read our articles and invite you to submit yours and publish here your personal experiences and results in the form of article or video or commented slides.

It is the official on-line journal of the SEEOS = South-East European Society of Ophthalmology which was founded in Sarajevo in 2004. The official journal of the SEEOS started as a printed journal edited by Professor Sefic and later by Professor Vassileva and now it is on-line from January 2016 edited by myself.

Please, find our contact addresses in Guides — Manuscript submission menu and send your articles for publication.

Kind regards
Prof. Janos Nemeth