1502, 2017


Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to invite you to the DOG 2017 which will take place from September 28 to October 1, 2017 at the Estrel Convention Center and Hotel Berlin.
The scientific program and session structure will reflect this year’s congress theme, “German Ophthalmology international”. In recent years, every conference of the DOG was presented with a guiding topic at each respective event, thus to give the DOG a new impulse. We are pleased to have found a suitable topic “German Ophthalmology International”, which should cast the scientific and clinical gaze outwards, looking beyond the borders of Germany. The DOG – founded in September 1857 – the world’s oldest ophthalmological society, has always had an early influence on the international development of our field, and does so to this day! One need only think of development of the ophthalmoscope, photocoagulation, capsulorhexis or more recently, retina implants – inventions from Germany, that have changed and brought ophthalmology further, worldwide.
As a tradition, ophthalmologists from Middle Eastern European and Eastern European countries are very welcome to participate in the congress. We thus kindly invite you and your colleagues to participate and would highly appreciate if you forwarded this information to interested ophthalmologists.
The […]

2605, 2016






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2505, 2016

In Memoriam Cesare

“Painful sadness and sorrow. This is what I feel now. However, if I think about you, a smile comes up to my face. You have been a teacher and friend to me. I think that one of your greatest merits was “sharing” thoughts, ideas, techniques. And you did that with the enthusiasm of a passionate pioneer and the humility of the true Greats. Today we are Cesare. And since you never really liked the English version: “ciao Cesare. Resti nei nostri cuori di amici e nelle nostre mani e pensieri di chirurghi. Un abbraccio”

— Barbara Parolini, Italy

“The 6th Thessaloniki International Vitreo-Retinal Summer School dedicates their „course to our co-organizer, dear friend and great teacher Cesare Forlini. His unexpected loss left a huge gap to our Mediterretina Society. We will never remove his smile from our speaker’s list.”

— Athanasios Nikolakopoulos, Greece

The South-East Ophthalmological Society expresses its deepest condolences for the loss of one of the greatest ophthalmologist of our time and the respected foundation board member Cesare Forlini. Rest in Peace…