Instructions for the authors of SEEJO

The online South-East European Journal of Ophthalmology (SEEJO) is accepting and publishing scientific articles on all fields of basic and clinical sciences in ophthalmology and vision research. Epidemiological surveys or other articles on low vision, blindness or vision rehabilitation are also invited.

Types of articles

Original articles: reporting original and previously unpublished material not being considered for publication elsewhere. Length: 2500-5000 words, maximum 5 figures or tables, maximum 25 references. Sections are: Title page, Introduction, Patients and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, References, (Acknowledgements). Need a structured abstract, including 4 sections: Aims, Patients and Methods, Results, Conclusions and maximum 5 keywords.
Short Communications: brief communication of urgent matters or reporting of preliminary findings, or case reports and small case series. Length: 750 words, maximum 3 figures or tables, 10 references. Three sections: Introduction, (Case) Report, Comment. Un-structured abstract. Maximum 3 keywords.
Review: critical evaluation of existing data, defined topics or emerging fields of investigation. Length: 3000-6000 words, maximum 5 figures or tables, maximum 60 references. Un-structured abstract. Maximum 3 keywords.
Video Ophthalmology : Types: New methods, Surgical, Case report, Educational, News. Maximal length: 10 minutes. The video submission also needs title page and a short unstructured abstract.
Edited lectures: Color slides in ppt file format with accompanying annotation text written for each slide in an independent text file referring to the number of the slide or as annotation text under the slides. Maximal length: 30 slides.

Formal requirements

The first page, the title page of each type of articles/videos must contain: the title of the articles, the types of the article, full names and affiliations of all authors, and corresponding author name and email address. Postal address and telephone number of the corresponding author which will not appear in the publication.
The second page contains: the abstract and the keywords. All types of submission need an abstract.
The text of the article start on the on the 3rd page.
References have to be listed after the end of the text of the articles. Citation in the text please, provide with uppercase numbers of their first appearance. Please, ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). The format of the references is as follows: Authors full names. Title of the article. Name of the journal, Journal Publication year; Issue number: starting and end pages.
Example for journal article citation: János Németh, Beáta Tapasztó, Zoltán Harkányi, József Tóth: Colour Doppler imaging of intraocular and orbital tumours and comparison with pathological findings. South-East European Journal of Ophthalmology, 2006; 1: 60-63.
Example for book citation: János Németh: Colour Doppler imaging of the orbital circulation. In: Kecik T, Lewandowski P, Kecij D. (eds): Methods of Visualization in Ophthalmology. DOME & AP, Warszawa, 2001;35-40. (ISBN: 83-916237-0-X)
Tables: Please, provide in a separate page or pages in text format without vertical lines.
Figures: Please, write the numbered figure legends after the end of the text of the articles in a separate page. Please, submit the figures in separate files in jpg or tiff file format with at least 300 dpi resolution with the number of the figure in the file name.

The submitted articles will be peer-reviewed and will be accepted after positive editorial decision. The articles will be published online in the SEEOS/SEEJO homepage and will be open access publications.
The articles must be submitted in word file format including a cover letter to the editor, in an attached file for the text and supplementary attached files for the figures. The submission has to be sent to Dr. Janos Nemeth Editor-in-Chief of the SEEJO to the following email address: or to the Managing-Editor of the SEEJO: Dr. Andrea Szigeti:
(October 2015)